JH1800 in control
 ◆ Built-in 3 * 2 VGA Switch Splitter with 500MHz long-term drive to support desktop computers, laptop computers, digital booth;
◆ 2 composite video switching inputs, 1 composite video output, video channel bandwidth of 100MHz;
◆ 3 stereo inputs, 1 stereo output.
◆ Built-in stereo hi-fi volume control;
◆ own projector protector, automatic power-off delay, to better protect the life of the projector;
◆ built-in IR learning function, no need to configure professional learning device, the use of simpler, more reliable learning;
◆ 1 way infrared transmitter interface, and can be self-learning control infrared projector;
◆ 1 programmable RS-232 control interface, RS-232 can control the projector;
◆ 1-I / O control interface, allowing the system to open the door to open, close off the system;
◆ Power supply control box built-in electric screen, projection equipment,  power control;
◆ Control Panel, with a network interface * 1, USB port * 1 notebook VGA port, audio interface, and dust cover;
◆ support for computer software in the control operation panel.
◆ infrared codes can import and export, 232 yards, easy to save and batch installation.
◆ the use of luxury control panel, LED display, the appearance of luxury and beautiful and durable.
◆ use a dedicated external power supply, the use of safer, more stable performance.
Host the largest dimension (length × width × height): 200 × 85 × 100mm
◆ Desktop flush mounting hole size: 186 × 72mm