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With the rapid development of China's economy, passenger transport industry to flourish, bus operations personnel in the operating process safety management is also more and more attention. Passengers across the country continue to occur due to fare evasion and operational personnel, service attitude and other issues would be resolved. At the same time the existence of the original theft, robbery, and an insult to women and other cases have occurred. In addition, bus operators in the process prone to theft and passengers ticketed, pilfering of public funds with income, according to the phenomenon of loss caused to the bus company. Installed in the bus through Long An, Shenzhen, the world of electronic vehicle monitoring system that can solve these bus company has been plagued by management and the relevant departments of the problem.
Long An, Shenzhen, the world of electronic vehicle monitoring system, is currently a large manufacturer specializing in the production of one-vehicle recorder, able to multi-point real-time bus operators to monitor and record the process of audio and video data. Bus companies and public security officers learned the vehicle in real time operation, in the event of unforeseen circumstances, can be the first time to take effective measures to protect life and property safety of passengers. And video data can be disputes and criminal cases, and after tracing the division of responsibility to provide strong evidence, and see if there are acts of stealing votes. Long An, Shenzhen, the world of electronic bus monitoring system cost, low-cost bus company to meet the demanding requirements. Large number of buses per day of video data is very impressive, Long An, Shenzhen, the world through the use of specialized electronic monitoring software, only a few bus companies can easily manage these human mass information.
Car video recorder is the heart of the vehicle monitoring system, monitoring system directly determines the performance is good or bad. As the bus bumps moving in state, the voltage is not very stable, and the temperature and humidity vary greatly, dusty, poor working conditions, and therefore more demanding digital video recorder. The program will introduce Long An, Shenzhen, Shenzhen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. developed the world dedicated Road all the way to four-car digital video recorder, it will be the receiver and power supply and other vehicle equipment integrates, and is widely used in military police, truck, bus, private car, the product has high reliability and stability.