Country's electricity industry on safety activities start
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State Electricity Regulatory Commission in June, the national power industry started in the safe production activities. The event theme is "safe development and prevention", and the related publicity and consultation on safe production and electricity emergency plan exercises Week will have started in June.
 State Electricity Regulatory Commission requirements, power system units to fully implement the national teleconference on safe production and the national electrical safety requirements of the production deployment of video and telephone conference, with the power industry in depth the key tasks of production safety, to enhance safety awareness and improve the quality of security focus, depth safety publicity and education to promote the development of the concept of electrical safety and electrical safety laws and regulations to promote the safe production "sooner", "focus on prevention" success, to form a full, the whole process, a full range of mass prevention and safety management system, create a favorable legal environment for the safe production, to create a "safe development, prevention," the atmosphere of safety, to ensure the Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games was held successfully, to promote stable and rapid economic and social development to create a safe and harmonious environment for the power supply. SERC requiring power companies with the region, the construction unit of electrical safety culture, innovative forms of creative content, innovative means to create a strong atmosphere of safety in production of electricity, solid organizations at different levels of electrical safety education activities, ensure safety during the event on the participation of all safety work.

 Safety during the month, in addition to carrying out publicity and consultation on safety and power drills Week contingency plans, the State Electricity Regulatory Commission will also organize safety lecture on the power tour. Lecture group mainly by the 2009 National Electrical Safety Essay Contest award-winning author and part of the electric power industry experts. Group presentations will be divided into three groups to visit the country six regions, 12 provinces (autonomous regions), 22 cities, power companies, and front-line staff to explore and share their power safety and emergency management on the successful experience and effective way to promote safe production and emergency management of new technologies, promote the "love of life, people-oriented" culture of safety, to create a "safe development, prevention," the atmosphere of safety.