Xuzhou Express Special: CTP, not only looks beautiful
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Founded in 1992, Special Color Printing Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Express, after ten years of steady development has now become the largest region in Xuzhou, a private printing company, with four sets of imported four-color sheet-fed offset press printing equipment for the main. Xuzhou express special focus on short-fast printing and commercial quality business printing business printing with superb sound quality and efficient service in the industry's reputation is very good. With the volume of business Xuzhou Express Special continues to expand, how to expand the production scale and improve the productivity of existing printing equipment, as to further enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise to maintain a competitive advantage, an important issue to reduce cost pressures, particularly so after the express decision makers to think seriously and finally decided to undertake a CTP system, the introduction of this important mission.
    Early April 2006, Xuzhou express special multi-color printing Co. Ltd. decided to introduce a comparative study of the Founder Chang Yi officially launched the project Violet CTP, CTP project very well, in the Founder's full range of commissioning services, the complete system from start the installation to the official production in just two weeks. In operation 20 or so, express special CTP system has been produced with more than 4,000 plates. CTP system in a short time played a huge role, personal experience to the advantage of CTP system, the decision to abandon the original express special typesetting system, full use of the Founder of the CTP process, really began the era of digital production, printing to enhance efficiency , stable printing process and enhance the printing quality. Special begun to express the output of more than 240 lines and 20 micron FM AM printing network printing, production efficiency and production quality has been greatly enhanced.
    End of May 2006, Special Color Printing Co., Ltd. Xuzhou Express has a new initiative, which express a special full adoption of Xuzhou dotting FM AM Founder mixed network printing, 340-line photo-AM network in the middle tone reproduction capability, combined with 20-micron FM outlets in high-brightness adjustment part of the rich level of quality has been a qualitative leap. From early April to begin the installation commissioning CTP CTP to the present, just over two months now express special output of the Xuzhou CTP plate has more than 18,000, caused a huge stir in the market.
    Compared to many printing companies purchasing a CTP system utilization is a serious shortage, especially in Xuzhou is no doubt express the overall success of the application in a short time the CTP model!
Xuzhou express how there is such a special commitment to making full use of CTP? Express carefully selected special Founder Chang Yi Violet CTP after the implementation of the overall solution to the printing production brought change? With these questions with our special Express Printing Co., Ltd. Xuzhou General Manager Miss Lu Lu for the communication.
CTP, looks beautiful
    "Although we use the CTP's time is not very long, but the CTP process is indeed special for the production of Xuzhou Express brings many advantages for our process control provides an effective means for the overall operations of the company has brought significant change, "Lu Zongxin to say hi.
Army Headquarters perspective focused on the following aspects:
1) The process is simple, precise control for network printing, color adjustment, and data-based process control is the basis for successful application of CTP
    When a reporter asked Army Headquarters, compared to the previous typesetting process, CTP to your deepest thoughts and feelings is what point the problem, Army Headquarters, said: "We used traditional typesetting procedures is the file through the RIP processing, typesetting, make-up, drying version, PS version of such a number of imaging procedures, to complete the whole process not only requires an hour, and it is important in this process of change is not a good network control and comprehensive use of CTP system, digital document imaging directly to the CTP step plate, the network can be accurately restored, the stability of our process control provides the basis for the Founder color printing process engineers debugging, the development of the entire process of data-based control standards, the service is very important, is the Founder easy to service enable us to re-color a short time to master the CTP process. "
2) improve production efficiency and business productivity
    Lu said the total CTP express special use after the initial purchase of CTP to improve efficiency in mind also be realized, production efficiency has been greatly improved. Express special use of the Founder Chang Yi violet CTP system, which Fuji violet CTP output per hour accuracy of 40 commercial off plate, which means that in the case of continuous production the next six minutes to prepare a sets off the four-color plates, the production is very fast. Express now features more than 200 applications per day the CTP, the business daily peak production of 400 version; and the need to temporarily fill version, quickly reflected on the more obvious advantages. Waiting in the express special printing plate on the machine and the machine to adjust the situation gone.
    Registration accuracy is improved greatly, pages clean without repair dirty, good ink-water balance performance, the press-on preparation time to a minimum, freeing valuable resources you can access more press living conditions and create more of the profits.
3) The increase in product quality, enhance customer awareness of the brand
    In addition, because the use of CTP, CTF process is omitted in the original, there are many aspects of manual operation, thus avoiding the various links in the original existence of a large number of factors difficult to control, simplify the original complex quality control aspects; CTP network technology can be more precise control of individual data, improved network quality, very clean layout, images, richer levels, to achieve high-quality printing.
    "The original identity of customers express very special quality, the use of CTP after the line that we can easily make 340 hybrid screening line printing, awareness of our customers even higher, and express the total Special color printing Co., Ltd Lu said.
Let more outlets dotting the perfect CTP
    Speaking outlets dotting with Founder, Army Headquarters said that there is a tortuous process.
    CTP technology has brought many to the production facilities, prompted us to hope to find new competitive advantages, in order to give full play to the advantages of CTP, higher print quality and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, especially start trying to use the express line 250 The high screen above the AM screening and FM network for printing.
    But the high screen in the printing of the AM network to achieve it is indeed difficult to control a lot. When you can have a high screen to perfect reproduction of the middle of the AM network transfer, but can not be avoided is the bright tone and dark tone areas, due to restrictions on the printing process, printing is difficult to control highlights and shadows of the dot reproduction, leaving the highlights and shadows part of the network is lost, and class, paste version.
So over time, express special focus on printing FM network, hoping to improve through practice to master the FM network printing plant was critical process control points. Through practice, special express although aware of the FM network to overcome the AM network of highlight and shadow reproduction deficiencies, eliminating the moire phenomenon and rose spots, printed in the lower density can reach a higher color saturation, high light shadow of the perfect reproduction of image detail. However, a large dot FM network, ink-water balance is difficult to grasp, difficult to control the printing process, printing stability is poor, the middle tone reproduction is not ideal, especially flat screen printing grainy strong, inherent shortcomings of these FM network is difficult to pass process control to make up.
    Express special land combined with the technical staff and Founder of the advantages of CTP how to put on its head, then take the Founder dotting the AM, FM outlets to avoid both the short length of the hybrid network technology in use on naturally express a special . And because of this characteristic in the express line before printing 250 AM, after printing 20 micron FM dot finally turned to the application of new hybrid process, especially people express hybrid screening technology, keen to become a practice of power production in Founder color process engineer process control test data confirm the good, especially the express full use of all print job Founder dotting hybrid screening technology printing.
    "The ultimate use of the Founder of our comprehensive network technology to print eye-dotting all the live parts," Army Headquarters, such a simple summary of the current mix of express special screening technology status. "We use 175-line printing process can achieve 340 lines of print quality, and maintain the controllability of the process."
Founder outlets dotting the region is at high light and shadow areas with FM network, as detailed by the same size as the density of outlets to express the level of the screen changes. At the same time highlight and shadow areas of the FM network location for a special treatment, so that part of the particles relative to the traditional FM screening to reduce lot. In addition to the combination of the FM network computing to improve the reproducibility and stability of replication. Tone in the middle region, due to the small network does not involve the reproduction of the problem, you can use the high line screens to show the level of image reproduction, color and saturation, and thus realize the low-resolution output conditions, to achieve high-resolution print quality.
    Outlets dotting technique combines FM and AM screening of network technology, eliminating the FM and AM network network defects, as the middle tune using the traditional AM screening methods, so dotting the AM network printing with network stability. Therefore, Army Headquarters said 175 line printing process, printing 340-line effect is very easy to understand.