Lowervoltage power grid construction through the successful test power-friendly wind power industry
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Sino-German joint venture Guangxi Yinhe Ai Wan Wind Power Co., Ltd. 17, Diskin announced that its self-developed 2.5 MW direct-drive permanent magnet unit successfully passed the China EPRI and GL low voltage across the test.

Thus, the Galaxy's first wind power in China in accordance with new national standards for the forthcoming completion of the testing companies, but also set a low voltage across China has passed the test of the largest wind turbine power record.

Machinery Branch of Chinese wind and Health Secretary, said Qi, a low voltage ride through (LVRT) means that when the power failure or disturbance caused by wind farms and network voltage drop, the voltage drop in a certain range, the wind turbine to the grid continuously for grid of self-regulation to gain time, can greatly improve network security and stability.

Previously, only a handful of the whole Chinese enterprises 1.5 MW wind turbine has passed this test. With the trend of large-scale wind turbines and offshore wind power market opening, low voltage across the test has become a constraint multi-megawatt wind turbine technology, large-scale grid of the main bottlenecks.

AV928 direct drive permanent magnet wind power unit is independently developed by Galaxy 2.5 MW wind turbines, with low operation and maintenance costs, power generation efficiency and mechanical efficiency, the average failure rate and long running time. The first prototype was AV928-type fan June 23, 2009 the formal grid, is China's first grid-2.5 MW wind turbines.

The low voltage ride through capability of wind power test is the joint EPRI Galaxy, GL company on March 5 and March 7 were located in Beihai City, Guangxi, west coast test site started.

China Renewable Energy Association Committee on the latest data show that in 2010 China (excluding Taiwan) 12 904 new units installed wind turbine installed capacity of 18927.99MW, an increase of 37.1%; total installed wind power units 34485 units capacity 44733.29MW.