About us

Guangzhou Jia Hong Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Guangzhou Rainbow Electronics Co., Ltd. is a good commitment to high-tech development and research of high-tech enterprises. Since 1999, according to the ISO9000 standard to establish a scientific and complete management and operation system, with the backing of a strong technology development, with a number of excellent management and technical ability to develop talent for the target toward TQM has laid a solid foundation. Company specializing in electronic products and home appliances, small appliances microcomputer controller, product development and supporting audio-visual production, and teaching equipment and installation works. A standard production line and strict testing workshop, engineering technology developers are engaged in the construction industry and has many years experience in R & D professionals. Main business areas: power boilers micro-controller, digital multimedia controller, digital video display device, wireless microphones and other audio-visual products.

 Company in accordance with ISO9000 international standards, with the actual operation, the implementation of a series of good management features rainbow. To improve the overall cultural quality, to maintain the vitality of enterprises, companies continue to strengthen staff training and knowledge of all aspects of education, established a number of innovative ideas and experienced management team. Companies adhere to "people first" principle of "quality products, perfect service" business philosophy, according to the ISO9000 standard, developed for the relevant quality manual, procedures, documentation and other quality standard system files, the company's overall quality awareness, quality management level has been a qualitative leap. From product development to pilot production; from raw materials into finished product; from engineering design and installation to inspection; have complete testing procedures and measures, and a complete testing and quality tracking. Professional engineers and technicians ready to answer difficult questions about the customer, fully understand and grasp the various needs of customers, to ensure the organization's goals and customer requirements combine to ensure our customers with quality products, best service.